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Order 'White male playwrights' works continue to dominate production slates. Sometimes it seems easier for them to have the texts of their driver's licenses produced than for the female or non-white playwright to have her best play produced. The reality is, they are more often given that all-important opportunity to fail than the women's play or ethnic play.'

-- Velina Hasu Houston

Quotes on Craft head about 190 pages of The Playwriting Seminars. Most of these quoted folks are playwrights, but about 25% are ringers: writers, directors, producers, and others primarily or exclusively associated with the film and television industry; visual artists [sculptors and print-makers] and designers; novelists and poets.

The full list by name within The Seminars is in Playwrights Quoted in The Seminars; the full list in The Archive is in Playwrights Quoted in The Archive.

When you want more of these quotes . . .

100 Quotes on Craft [The Archive]

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An Expanding List

An increasing number of contemporary playwrights are teaching the craft. Writing and working professionally makes a good -- and very practical -- teacher. Among those doing this now are Charles Fuller, Edward Albee, Derek Walcott, Lanford Wilson, Marsha Norman, John Guare, Paula Vogel, Romulus Liney, and Velina Hasu Houston. And at various times, they've been joined in this avocation by Mac Wellman, María Irene Fornés, Sam Shepard, Murry Mednick, Athol Fugard, Terrence McNally, Jon Robin Baitz, Christopher Durang, Jean-Claude van Itallie, Ntozake Shange . . .
Some good published collections of extended interviews with contemporary playwrights on craft, influences, and the business . . .

About Velina Hasu Houston's admonition: Playwriting is still a particularly wide-open field for women. This is one of the few areas among all the arts where talent matters more than gender. At least in getting that first wave of recognition.

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