Plays to Read: The First 5
& 3 Guides on This Business


Order 'Though I may think I control my career, if I'm honest I know that what I am in complete control of is the blank paper. What happens there is not luck. I create a problem that didn't exist before and solve it to my own satisfaction. That's the creative process.'

-- Al Hirschfeld

These five plays are where many of the examples in The Playwriting Seminars come from. Lots of other contemporary plays are used as well, but this is the core. If you're starting from Scratch, try reading them in the order they're listed in. The annotated list starts with the most realistic and conventionally structured plays and then moves on to the most complex.

The First 5 Plays

These plays -- except M. BUTTERFLY and CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF -- received their first productions at a nonprofit Regional Theatre. All had major commercial productions on Broadway. And all of them were then made into films . . .

The First 5 Plays on Video

And 3 Guides on the Business of Playwriting

And for a wider range of approaches to the art and craft by leading contemporary playwrights . . .

17 More Plays

15 More Plays If you can't find a good local bookstore with a large selection of plays, you can order recommended scripts, screenplays, videos, and books through the Web without having to do title searches. Look for linked book covers or the logo [as above left] throughout The Playwriting Seminars. And the world's leading Internet bookstore can get them to you in a few days.

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